Monday, June 21, 2021

modular bleeps

I found this recording not long ago ,it is recorded in 2012 - November or so , and it's only survived recording from my first modular synth ,it was mostly done on stripboards ,while the panels were found materials and even cardboard, i reused pots from an old mixer for this synth a lot ,they have proven to be very good quality , one of the panels for artwork has the record sleeve of a rolling stones album




CMOS chaos

 article link :




Saturday, June 19, 2021

Chaotic and Hyperchaotic Self-Oscillations of Lambda Diode

Article by Jiri Petrzela




Fourth order fully analog chaotic oscillator constructed by using only commercially available active elements, namely single TL084, one AD844 and four AD633.

A Chaotic Circuit for Producing Gaussian Random Numbers

 interesting paper on chaos ,and circuit using 2 x AD633 ,LM311 ,and Opamps ,here is link


a new 3-dimensional quadratic continuous autonomous chaotic system

 (this is article by Ihsan Pehlivan and Zhouchao Wei link : here




Sunday, April 18, 2021

дожд во оловната долина

 The noise-works you are listening to are processed recordings from the atmospheres inside various textile factories in my home town ,During a festival organized by an non-gov org. Thanks to Vera for lending me the minidisc and whoever recorded inside the factories .I remember i downloaded the recordings at home and made the two patches ,later i played these patches at the Oasis Hotel and at the workshop area. The women working in the textile factories are mostly overworked and paid too little .


released July 10, 2006